Deep Cuts

Deep Cuts: Your Obligatory Christmas Playlist

Stan and Doug front Christmas Eve falls on Deep Cuts day this year? Come on, I can’t pass that up.

This isn’t the first Why It Matters Christmas playlist, and it probably won’t be the last. I always swear that I’m not going to do one, and then I’m visited by three ghosts (Hendrix, Morrison, Joplin) at the last minute and they show me the error of my ways and then we all smoke a Christmas goose, if you know what I mean. (Note: I mean we smoke a goose. The ghost of Morrison is a huge barbecue fan.)

Okay, ready Teddy? Here we go:

“Town Meeting Song,” The Polyphonic Spree. So good it can be enjoyed year round, this epic cut is one of the best from the Nightmare Revisited covers album.

“Rain, Sleet, Snow,” Paul Revere & the Raiders. A tasty cut from the pre-email era.

“Punk Rock Christmas,” The Ravers. Not at all punk, but they mention the Sex Pistols so there you go.

“X-Mas Time (Sure Don’t Feel Like),” Dogmatics. From A Midnight Christmas Mess.

“Mistress For Christmas,” AC/DC. A tough year for AC/DC, what with Phil Rudd’s legal troubles and Malcolm Young’s illness. Maybe a mistress isn’t what they should be asking for.

“White Christmas,” Bob Marley and the Wailers. And you thought he was dreaming of a green Christmas.

“Come On Christmas,” Cheap Trick. You can pick this one up on the Sex, America, Cheap Trick box set. Come on, come on!

“Christmas Prison Blues,” Seasick Steve and the Level Devils. Pro tip: “Unwrap this present” doesn’t mean the same thing in the joint. That’s a mistake I’ll only make once.

“”Zat You, Santa Clause?” Louis Armstrong. Black and orange Santa sittin’ on a fence….

“Don’t Believe in Christmas,” The Sonics. This early Seattle band did a few Christmas cuts, but this one is my favorite.

And if that isn’t enough holiday cheer for you, check out some of our previous holiday playlists:


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