From the Stacks

From The Stacks: The Music From Marlboro Country

Marlboro Country front
Oh, cigarettes, is there nothing you can’t do?

Tobacco advertisers have faced an uphill advertising battle since the early seventies.  Cigarettes are one of the few items that have to sell a lifestyle while disclosing that they will kill you. That can’t be an easy job.

The hook always seems to be “The Man is trying to keep you down, but he can’t because you’re an outlaw.” Granted, sometimes the message is delivered by a sexy lady reminding you that you’ve come a long way, baby, or a phallic camel, but still.

Things got even more difficult after television commercials were banned in 1971, and that brings us to The Music From Marlboro Country. Without TV to sell their rugged cowboy vision the fine makers of Marlboro cigarettes (motto: “Ladies love an oxygen tank) hired Elmer Bernstein to compose some manly music, including variations on themes from manly movies like The Magnificent Seven.

This is your basic charity shop/yard sale album, available for a buck or so. So pick one up, drop the needle, and smoke up, Johnny.

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