Deep Cuts: April’s Picks, February 2015

april picksShh, shh, shh. Did you hear that? That’s April rocking like you like a hurricane. That’s April saying that tonight she’s gonna rock you tonight. That’s April making her shopping list:

  • Light
  • Sound
  • Drums
  • Guitar
  • Ow, let there be rock.

So let’s see what she brought us this month:



Rock n Roll is Cold,” Matthew E. White (Fresh Blood). “Everybody likes to talk. Everybody likes to talk shit.” An opening reminiscent of ‘Second Hand News’, this tune eases you into a deep groove colored with intricate background vocals, horn section, a great piano/keyboard part (buried in the mix) and irreverent lyrics.

Kid Dreams,” Guster (Evermotion). “What did I want? What did I need? I got three squares a day, I got a bed to sleep…” A nostalgic piece that looks back wistfully at the simplicity of life one can only grasp after living the complexity that shades the here and now.

Drug Mugger,” Ty Segall ( Face EP). “Face down on the floor, we ain’t lookin’ to the skies no more.” Saturated feedback over a stutter step groove dominates this tune. It’s a woozy, yet focused jam.

Daffodils,” Mark Ronson (feat. Kevin Parker), (Uptown Special). “Follow where your Daddy-O is leading.” Do you love some funk? Do you also love to rock out? Well, here you go. The best of both worlds featuring Kevin Parker from Tame Impala. This album is daring and worth of your time. (Stick around for the heavy outro.)

Deep Six,” Marilyn Manson (The Pale Emperor). “You want to know what Zeus said to Narcissus. You better watch yourself.” Foreboding and unrelenting, I love the driving gut of this song. A rocker for sure!

September Fields,” Frazey Ford (Indian Ocean). “You say that’s what you have been given, A whole lotta nothin’ for your time.” Mid tempo love with a slathering of Hammond B3, sax and trumpet. Wonderfully smooth and dreamy.

Duvan,” Amason (SkyCity). “Except for you sit in my mouth – wash it out, set sail: Here Comes the Whale!” This tune reminds me of Aimee Mann. Dreamy, yet hard edged vocal styling. A brooding, Eighties influenced bit of songwriting.

Ma’am,” The Lonely Biscuits (no information available, album not released yet). “And now I got myself a problem. I’m lookin’ at you ‘cause I got one.” An unconventional earworm of a song, this tune skips along, basking happily in all its minor key goodness. If you tilt your head just right, you’ll hear Nirvana.

White Lies,” Milo Green (Contol). “Don’t be so surprised, I’m no longer hiding. From now on, I won’t try – I’ll just be your white lie.” Dark, yet melodic this song of unrequited secret love showcases Marlana Sheetz’ lilting vocals.

A Taste of Silver,” Until the Ribbon Breaks (A Lesson Unlearnt). “If you’ve had a taste of silver, then pennies won’t do.” Bombastic and self-assured this is a throbbing slice of blues rock heavy on reverb and smattering of electronica.

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