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From the Stacks: Klaus Schulze – Body Love Vol. 2

Klaus Schulze Body Love II frontNo, this isn’t the soundtrack to a porn movie. This is the sequel to a soundtrack to a porn movie.

Klaus Schulze was an early member of Tangerine Dream, appearing on their first album, Electronic Meditation. For the last 45 years he’s been a solo act, both under his given name and the pseudonym Richard Wahnfried. His work is described as everything from ambient to electronica to krautrock.

Body Love, on the other hand, was a porn movie from film maker Lasse Braun. Braun was a trailblazer in the world of pornographic movies, starting back in the days of “loops,” the short films that used to play in the backs of adult bookstores before manufacturing and distributing such things were legal.  I’ve never seen Body Love, but I have a pretty good hunch how most of the scenes end.

How did Schulze connect with Braun? I don’t know. It was probably just a job; regardless, he made some great music for what probably was a mediocre flick:

The soundtrack to Body Love sold well enough to justify the release of a second album, and that brings us to today’s feature.

Bigger names than Schulze have written music for porn, by the way. Eddie Van Halen wrote a couple of songs back in 2006 for a movie entitled Sacred Sin. So that happened.

My copy of Body Love Vol. II is the French edition on EMI, but there are quite a few different versions out there. All of them go for around 10 bucks. Happy hunting.

Klaus Schulze Body Love II back

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