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From the Stacks: Frank Zappa – Rare Meat

Frank Zappa Rare Meat frontFrank Zappa made records, lots of records. Trying to collect the complete Zappa is a nightmare, but it’s fun.

Aside from Zappa’s official discography, the bootlegs, and the official bootlegs (yeah, you read that right), the dedicated Zappa collector also has to contend with myriad compilations of the dude’s early works, outtakes, giggles, harumphs, bleats, and farts. In the world of Zappa, if it wasn’t worth recording it wasn’t worth doing.

Rare Meat collects more early fun with Frank and friends playing in the studio. It’s really only of interest to collectors, but it features something else that makes Zappa collecting fun: That awesome album cover. This one is right up there with The Man From Utopia on the “excellent album cover” scale.

Zappa Rare Meat CDWhat’s odd is that when Del-Fi released the album on CD, they went with a fairly generic photo of Zappa rather than the brilliant painting used on the vinyl version the company distributed through Rhino Records. Maybe they couldn’t afford the rights are something, I don’t know.

Expect to pay 10 bucks for the CD and 15 for the album. Happy hunting.

Frank Zappa Rare Meat back

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