On Diffuser: Box Sets Aren’t Meant For You (Except When They Are)

box sets smallI own a lot of box sets. A lot.

I like everything about them — the rare tracks, the gimmicky little trinkets, the photos and essays.

But occasionally I see a box set that makes me snicker. Who’d buy that? That artist isn’t box worthy. And then the other day it occurred to me that the reason that I love these box sets and loathe those box sets is exactly the same.

That and the origin of the box set (spoiler alert: It’s 85 years old) in this Diffuser essay.

Categories: Diffuser, Music, Reprints

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  1. Sometimes Diffuser won’t let me leave a comment – so I will leave it hear. Loved that article, as I had no idea that Springsteen’s was the first boxed set to get that big boy rolling. I remember I heard “Because the Night” from Patti Smith first (10th grade, yeah) and as much as a BruceBrain as I am, secretly I always liked her version better. Don’t tell Bruce. 🙂

    Great article below, on how and why Bruce gave it to her and her initial resistance to recording it:



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