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From the Stacks: The New First Family, 1968: A Futuristic Fairy Tale

New First Family front

The First Family series of comedy records ran 20 years and four albums, not including its imitators. The first one, released in 1962, had a short run as best selling album, racking up sales of 7.5 million. That’s a lot of folks listening to wacky JFK impersonations on the hi-fi.

The New First Family, 1968  is the third in the series, and it imagines the goings on in the White House of newly elected Cary Grant. Crazy!

Like most political comedy it hasn’t aged very well, but that sleeve is timeless. You are looking at the work of the great Mort Drucker, and if you don’t at least recognize him as “that Mad magazine guy” then I think we’re done here. Drucker hasn’t done a lot of sleeves, but the few he’s illustrated are classics. My favorite bit? The piece of cantilever business happening atop Groucho’s head.

This isn’t a rare record — you can find it for 1-5 bucks easily — but it’s a treasure for fans of Mad, Drucker, and great album cover art. Happy hunting.

New First Family back

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  1. Wow, that takes me back.
    My dad began doing the flea market circuit during the 70s recession. I used to troll through venders looking for LPs. — You’d be surprised what treasures you can find. A box of albums for a dollar isn’t a bad deal. I took what I wanted and give the rest to my dad, who’d resell them for a quarter each. No matter what else I found, I always kept the comedy records. — I was probably the only 12 year old kid that knew who Belle Barth was.

    Anyway, before I get so far off track I can’t find my way back, I had the New First Family album. It was probably a little more sophisticated than my young mind could grasp. But I’ll never forget the cover! Any fan of MAD magazine would surely recognize Mort Drucker’s work. 🙂

    I checked YouTube for it but could only find Vol. 1


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