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From the Stacks: Bruce Springsteen — Studio Quality Built In

Springsteen Studio Quality front

Born in the USA is not my favorite Springsteen era; in fact, I despise that record. I never need to hear the title cut, “Glory Days,” or “Dancing in the Dark” again, but this is a bootleg, and I love bootlegs.

All songs but the last two on this 1986 release are demos from the Born in the USA sessions. None of side one made the final cut of the album, but they’re familiar to Springsteen fans. A quick glance at YouTube suggests that he trots these deep cuts out in concert now and then.

There are a few versions of this bootleg floating around, but the most common one comes in a white sleeve with a photocopied “cover” stuck (or not stuck) on top. This one regularly trades in the $10 range, but I paid $15 for mine because I’m a sucker. Happy hunting.

Springsteen Studio Quality detail

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