Deep Cuts

Deep Cuts: Bone Songs (Not Bonin’ Songs)

bonesBreaking my hand in a motorcycle accident wasn’t my first broken bones, nor were they my last. I’ve broken fingers, toes, nose, arms, ribs — even a hip. My left collar bone is crookeder than a congressman, having been broken in five different places.

Sometimes I wonder whether future archeologists will dig up my bones and mistake me for a great warrior, the survivor of many battles. Or maybe they’ll see the plates and screws and assume that I was some kind of primitive cyborg.

Regardless, I think it’s safe to say that my skeleton won’t suggest to future researchers a careful man with a diet rich in calcium.

Anyway, there’s lots of songs out there ’bout dem bones. Here are a few from my playlist:

Bananafishbones,” The Cure. The Top was my first Cure album, purchased new on the day it was released in 1984. It’s a tough place to enter the Cure discography — a dense album with exception to the very approachable “The Caterpillar” — but I stuck with it and was eventually rewarded with a new favorite album.

“Son of Neckbone,” Beastie Boys. If you’re only familiar with the Beasties from License to Ill, you’re really missing out. These guys had the funk. Here’s hoping that the surviving members mine the vaults for some tasty deep cuts.

“Bone to Bone (Coney Island Whitefish Boy),” Aerosmith. Night in the Ruts was Aerosmith’s last album of the ’70s, and the last with Joe Perry before their big blowout. Often cited as a disappointing addition to the band’s discography, I’ve always loved the album. Just goes to show you — what, I don’t know, but you’ve been shown.

Good to the Bone,” Willis Jackson & Band. Never mind that George Thorogood jibba-jabba, let Willis Jackson’s slinky sax tell you what’s what. You can pick this one up on The Fire/Fury Records Story box set. You’re welcome.

“Funky to the Bone,” Freddi Henchi and Soul Setters. If this doesn’t get your booty shaking, you are without a single funky bone.

“Bone Machine,” Pixies. You own a copy of Surfa Rosa, right? RIGHT?

“Skin and Bones,” Heart. If you gave up on Heart when they sucked their way through the ’80s; well, you aren’t the only one. They  found their mojo again a few years ago, though. Check out Fanatic, an album worthy of a spot next to Dreamboat Annie and Little Queen in your stacks.

“Bone China,” Mother Love Bone. Come on — I had to close this out with a bone song from a bone band.

Okay, I know you have some songs to add, so don’t leave me sitting here like a bonehead — lay them on me. I’m listening.


Artwork public domain / Wikimedia Commons

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  1. “Pick Up The Bones” – Alice Cooper
    “Given The Dog A Bone” – AC/DC
    “Lonesome To The Bone” – Johnny Cash
    “Digging Up Bones” – Randy Travis
    “Broken Bones” – Mark Knopfler


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