On Diffuser: Are You an Indie Elitist?

hipsterIf you’ve been reading along for any amount of time, you know that I’m willing to ‘fess up to my musical sins and vices. I’ve postured as a Guy In Black T-Shirt Who Jams, roamed the earth in my post-punk finery, and for a period during my early childhood thrilled at the news of a new Barry Manilow record.

I’m unwilling to rule out any musical genre just because it is, but I haven’t always been that way. Pop in particular remains tough for me, but now and then a song comes along in that genre that’s pretty damned good.

But what about you? Are you too hip for Cyndi Lauper? What about One Direction? Check out this piece on Diffuser about the moments when indie and pop collide.

— photo Christopher Michel / Flickr Creative Commons

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