From the Stacks

From the Stacks: Metallica – No Life ’til Leather

Metallica No Life Til Leather frontHere’s an example of everything that is right about Record Store Day, and everything that is wrong with Record Store Day.

This exact cassette reproduction of Metallica’s 1982 demo tape — right down to Lars Ulrich’s teenaged handwriting — was a big seller at the 2015 edition of RSD. Allegedly only the reissue of the White Stripes’ Get Behind Me Satan moved more copies.

It’s a really cool little fetish item to stick on a shelf, and for ten bucks why not? Thanks, fans, have a tchotchke! Get them while supplies last! Record Store Day at its finest.

But supplies didn’t last. Before the day was over, many Metallica fans went home empty handed, where they logged on and found copies of the cassette already showing up on eBay. Damn you, speculators!

As of a week after its release, the highest eBay sale was 90 bucks and the lowest price was $19.00. That’s a huge range, but it means that even the most generous scalpers doubled their money. Record Store Day at its worst.

Speculators have to dump this one quickly, as No Life ’til Leather will get a wider official release this summer on both CD and vinyl. My guess is that the RSD limited edition cassette’s value will tumble when that happens, and that poor bastard who paid $90 on eBay is going to feel like a total chump.

If you’re a fan and you really want a copy, I say hold tight. You’re likely to see this Record Store Day exclusive kicking around for its original retail price by the end of the summer. Happy hunting.

Metallica No Life Til Leather back


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