From the Stacks

From the Stacks: Nirvana — The Masquerade

Nirvana Masquerade frontMy editor over at Diffuser started a podcast named — you guessed it — Diffuser Radio. This week we recorded episode five, and our topic was Kurt Cobain. Well, sort of: The topic was whether we’re a bunch of ghouls who won’t let the poor guy rest in peace.

Give it a listen, but my basic point was that I’m in it for the music. Paying tribute to Kurt Cobain’s actual can of Vienna sausages on display in a museum does absolutely nothing for me; in fact, that kind of thing sort of gives me the creeps. But the music? Yeah, I’ll pick up any Nirvana release, official or bootleg.

That’s how I ended up with this recording of a 1990 Nirvana Atlanta concert. It’s a great show, capturing the band over a year prior to the release of Nevermind. The back cover sports a couple of classic bootleg boo-boos, listing “Molly’s Lips” as “Molly’s Lies” and “Stain” as “I’m a Saint.” Also worth noting: Dave Grohl wasn’t in the band yet. That’s former drummer Chad Channing on drums.

But Sweet Kurt’s Cardigan, that cover. I guess the manufacturer thought they were being edgy or something, but I don’t have any interest in photos of Cobain’s dead body. All I saw when I bought this one was the CD spine as it sat on a shelf. It wasn’t until I got it home that I saw the cover. Honestly? I probably would’ve bought it anyway. I’m in it for the music, after all.

Expect to pay around 25 bucks if you really want a copy and aren’t too put off by the ghoulish cover. Happy hunting.

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