Deep Cuts

Deep Cuts: Paradise Songs

woodleywonderworks, Flickr Creative Commons

woodleywonderworks, Flickr Creative Commons

As you read this, I’m sitting on a Hawaiian beach (and before you get any ideas I have somebody watching my house. He’s heavily armed and devoid of conscience, so don’t even think about it).

This is my first visit to Hawaii and quite likely my last, not because it isn’t beautiful but simply because I’m not really the vacation type. My travel always seems to revolve around work or family, so this little trip is a real luxury.

But just because I’m where the grass is green and the girls are pretty doesn’t mean that I can shirk my responsibilities. You need a playlist, and I won’t think twice: It’s another day for you and me in “Deep Cuts” land, so here we go, paradise songs:

“Small Paradise,” John Cougar. When I saw this on Don Kirschner’s Rock ConcertĀ when it first aired, I thought John Cougar was the coolest guy on the planet — the hair flip, the cigarette. That was over 35 years ago, and I still think he looks pretty badass in this clip.

“Paradise Place,” Siouxsie and the Banshees. Right around that same time, Siouxsie Sioux was engaging in a whole other style of badassery. It took me a couple of years to move on from the John Cougars of the world to the post-punks, but eventually I got there.

“Mingers in Paradise,” Flipron. Speaking of paradise, there’s a special place there for those who spread the gospel of Flipron. These guys are so, so good. Do yourself a favor and pick up their albums.

“Living in Paradise,” Elvis Costello. Paradise is a good turntable and Costello’s first three albums. Songwriting at its finest.

“Dupree’s Paradise,” Frank Zappa. Quick: What do Frank Zappa and Elvis Costello have in common? If you said “both re-released their catalogs through Rykodisc” you’re invited to my next Thanksgiving party. Also, would you mind bringing a turkey? I can’t cook.

“Fools Paradise,” The Crickets. Did you know that this Buddy Holly classic was the model for Coolio’s “Gangsta’s Paradise”? You’ll find this and more in my new book, Crap I Totally Make Up.

“Paradise West,” Generation X. Another entry from the Bromley Contingent, this time from Siouxsie’s old mate, Billy Idol.

“Fool’s Paradise,” Tom Keifer. I wrote a piece with Keifer a couple of years ago. He was such a nice guy, and he was so open about his life after Cinderella and his struggle to come back from a paralyzed vocal cord. Say what you will about the hair metal bands, Tom Keifer is a great talent and a class act.

There you have my list of paradise songs, now it’s your turn: Turn on your dashboard light and read me yours. I’m listening.

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  1. Well….you know what the Bruce-o-phile is going to share, right?

    “Paradise By The C” – Long live Clarance Clemons. And happy Vacation to you, sir. I am sitting on your roof with my binoculars. I may have no conscious, but I’ve been known to dance on the job.


  2. “Cheeseburger In Paradise”, “Paradise”, “Still In Paradise” – Jimmy Buffett
    “Two Tickets To Paradise” – Eddie Money
    “Paradise” – Tom T. Hall
    “Club Paradise” – Jimmy Cliff
    “Paradise” – John Anderson
    “Another Day In Paradise” – Phil Collins
    “Paradise, Hawaiian Style” – Elvis Presley
    “Fool’s Paradise” – Willie Nelson (different song than The Crickets)
    “Rose In Paradise” – Waylon Jennings
    and, of course, my girlfriend…Sade


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