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From the Stacks: Various Artists – Aural Wax

Aural Wax frontHere we have an exceedingly cool 1980 compilation from the Aura label; well, an Aura label.

According to Discogs, this Aura is the Austrian Aura, but according to the record’s back sleeve Aura was located in London. There are also labels named Aura domiciled in France, Australia, Italy, and Turkey, but I’m Bubba Gumping here.

Not only does this compilation sport a great new wave sleeve, but much of the music backs it up. We have Big Star, Alex Chilton, and the Soft Boys — come on!

What really jumped out at me here was the inclusion of Trapeze, a group best known as the band Glenn Hughes left to join Deep Purple. The liner notes on the back sleeve of Aural Wax call Trapeze “the acceptable face of laterday heavy metal.” Keep in mind that the following track was released in 1979, a year that saw albums from Accept, UFO, Scorpions, Saxon, and Riot. AC/DC’s Highway to Hell was released in ’79 — Judas Priest, Motorhead — but this was the acceptable face of metal:

Bowie and King Crimson completists might be interested in this cut from Annette Peacock, featuring Mick Ronson and Bill Bruford. Much like Trapeze, it doesn’t fit the post-punk packaging but whatever. It’s not a great song, but that isn’t what being a completist is all about.

So what will this rare and valuable compilation run you? No more than 5-10 bucks. Happy hunting.

Aural Wax back


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