On Diffuser: Music Changes the World (When We Let It)

Sly Stone The Charleston massacre, racism, hatred, divisiveness. For the last week my social media feeds have been filled with grief, accusations, desperation, and solutions.

Most of those solutions are variations on “if everyone just agreed with me, we’d all be fine.” That’s true as far as it goes. A flock of geese would never make it south if they were all flying separate directions, after all.

But we aren’t geese. We’re never going to all fly the same direction. The best we can hope for is acceptance of each others’ goose-itude, and we aren’t going to get there by yelling at each other and pounding our savage breasts.

So how do we get there? Well, maybe we should try the medicine that soothes the savage breast.

Read more about music’s power to change the world on Diffuser: http://diffuser.fm/music-changes-the-world-when-we-let-it/

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