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Choose and Defend: Young or Old?

young oldIf I learned one thing from my Maui adventure it’s that the world is divided into people who should wear skimpy beachwear and those who shouldn’t. Knowing what side of the line you fall on determines how much attention you get, both good and bad.

I guess I learned two things, because I also realized that I don’t really give a damn. Of course, my version of not caring is bundling up like a beekeeper to avoid the sun, but given the right circumstances I’m willing to strip off a layer or seven.

That’s enough about me. The important question here is how you feel about the topic. In order to play, you must choose one of the following and defend your answer in the comments section. Failure to follow these two simple rules will result in your sunscreen being swapped for vegetable shortening.

Would you rather be:

– Young, naive, and beautiful

doom_sellers / Flickr Creative Commons

doom_sellers / Flickr Creative Commons

— or older, wiser,  but out of contention for the swimsuit issue?

justin_vidamo/Flickr Creative Commons

justin_vidamo/Flickr Creative Commons

Everything else is equal — health, wealth, ability to spot a lame Chris Angel trick, all of that stuff. Answers must be no longer than your crow’s feet and come on, people: Let’s make Laura B. proud.


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  1. Surprisingly, to me anyway, is that I choose older. It’s the “wiser” that wins me over. I am older now and recognize all the stupid things I did and said when I was younger. But whatever wisdom I have allows me to look back and better understand my young self and forgive his immaturity and ignorance. Above all, wisdom allows me to appreciate all of the good things I once took for granted: the love of more people than I would have expected in my lonely childhood, the adventures and travel that enlarged my world view, the opportunities to make the world a little better place, the awareness to see all of the beauty I missed or ignored, and the insight to accept the many roads not taken because the ones I did take turned out well. Yes, there is definitely an attraction to being my youthful, studly self again (not to mention getting laid more than I deserved), but today I’ll take wisdom.


  2. I don’t think one can answer without some self-reflection. Though one is older and wiser, one can still be naive – “wiser”, but not necessarily ‘wise’. Because we never really stop learning, and hopefully become less naive along the way, personally I’d like to be young, and hope that I would learn from my more experienced elders and friends in order to make the best choices.

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