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Choose and Defend: Pleading the Fifth

Joseph Karl Stieler's portrait of Beethoven

Joseph Karl Stieler’s portrait of Beethoven

Good things come in fifths, at least when it comes to alcohol.

Dates? Not so much. July fifth is nowhere near as exciting as its predecessor.

The fifth amendment is certainly a good one. That’s the one that defends our right to super size our value meals, I think.

The fifth slot gets the golden rings in that horrible Christmas song.

Why is five such a magic number? I don’t know, probably because of our fingers. It’s certainly one of the easier multiplication tables for kids to learn.

Anyway, Choose and Defend. In order to play you must follow two simple rules, not five: 1) Choose between one of the following choices; 2) Defend your choice in the comments section. Failure to follow these rules will result in 5 mandatory minutes alone in a room listening to Donald Trump’s plan to save the world. Would you rather:

– Be present for the creation of Beethoven’s fifth symphony?

– Be the fifth Beatle?

Answers must fit on a 5×7 card, and come on people: Let’s make Laura B. proud.


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  1. Beethoven by miles. Being present for the creation and soaking in all of that genius as opposed to being the poor dude no one really remembers or talks about in the most famous band of all time – that would just suck, I would be a bitter recluse holding out my cup for nickels.

    I had a friend who made a choice years ago – quit his little band and go to art school, or stay in his little band as the keyboard player. That little band was called “The E Street Band” – his life is not a pretty tale.

    On a random, I have the number five OCD when it comes to pumping gas – the dollar amount has to land on a multiplication of five. Every time. Since I was seventeen years old. Can you shed any of your above “Number 5 Wisdom” on this particular unbreakable habit?


  2. What she said! Now it would have been a bit more dangerous going back, you know petulance, disease, no Joann Fabrics, and a bit of a hair trigger temper to deal with (you know, the Von vs Van thing) but my oh my, to see the rewrites of the finale – Version 1 NG!! “Throw it out!”, version 2 NG!!!! “BURN IT!!!!”, Version 3…. “okay, there it is”. If Ludwig was doing rewrites —- well, I have no chance do I?

    Even so, lets fire up ye ol’ time machine and ride the fury.


  3. Oh, come now! Billy Beatle, of course! Not only did he get to play with The Beatles, but also with Little Richard, Sam Cooke, Ray Charles, The Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, Johnny Cash, Jeff Beck, Sly/Family Stone, Barbra Streisand, Peter Frampton, Stevie Wonder and Sam Moore. Preston had two number one hits with “Will It Go Round In Circles” and “Nothing From Nothing”, as well as three more top ten hits. He also co-wrote and first recorded the classic “You Are So Beautiful”.


    • Lol, you’ve just schooled me on the 5th Beatle, Robbo – I did not know those facts. My imagination immediately went to a ruined soul, beating his head against the wall wailing “Why? WHY???” It is nice to learn that he had solid success in his life. But I am still sticking with Ludwig for my choice. 🙂


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