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Choose and Defend: Homophobe or Big Game Hunter?

Public Domain, Wikimedia Commons

Public Domain, Wikimedia Commons

Oh, what an ugly week.

By now you all know the horrific tale of Cecil the Lion and the Midwestern dentist who paid 50 grand to shoot him.  The internet responded with a vicious round of public shaming, which in this case seems appropriate.

We’ve really taken to the public pillory, haven’t we? Sometimes that’s absolutely wrong — lives are ruined over a moment of indiscretion. Can you imagine losing your job and your family over a thirty year-old photo of you wearing a “Muff Diver” trucker cap at a wet t-shirt contest? Just terrible.

On the other hand, sometimes the public shame machine lets us exercise our market-based right to vote with our feet, and that brings us to this week’s Choose and Defend. In order to play, you must follow two simple rules: 1) Choose one and only one of the following; 2) Defend your choice in the comments. Failure to follow either of these two rules will result in public shaming of Anthony Weiner proportions.

Would you rather:

A) Buy a pizza from a homophobic pizza place.



B) Have a cavity filled by a lion-shooting dentist.



Note that in the pizza scenario you’re starving, and in the dentist scenario your tooth is killing you. You could really use the services of either of these publicly humiliated businesses. Note also that your answers must fit inside a scarlet “A”, and come on people: Let’s make Laura B. proud.

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  1. Tough week indeed. And I agree, public outcry over something stupid someone did when they were young is ridiculous, unless it happens to be evidence showing that Scott the Serial Killer was torturing and murdering the family pet when he was six years old.

    This is a really hard, no, impossible choice for me, so how about alternatives? I am nervous bending the rules here, but…..

    Tooth? I would purchase my favorite empresa, and while I was out cold, Tomas would get a pair of pliers and yank it out.

    Starving? In Ecuador, a favorite snack is fried salted ants, served in a bowl for you to munch on while you enjoy your cold cerveza. I swore I would not be indulging when we go down there, but now? The choice between homophobic pizza and fried ants is a no brainer. Pass the ants!

    I am not sure what kind of punishment you reserve for alternative ways to choose, and then defend. Maybe, just maybe you give out brownie points for creativity?


  2. Homophobia deals with people. People can debate, argue and discuss all day long. When someone thinks about, plans and then travels to kill an animal just for the thrill of it, the animal has no say in the matter.
    I’d have a large thin crust mushroom pizza, and then go to the dentist’s office and tell that son of a bitch exactly what I thought of him.

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