From the Stacks

From the Stacks: Don Imus – ‘1200 Hamburgers To Go’

Imus Hamburgers front

There are lots of reasons to collect albums: Value, novelty — some people even buy them for the music.

I’m all of those guys and then one: I pick up records for their album covers, too. I like controversial album covers, bad album covers, Hipgnosis album covers, and sleeves I like just because I like them. Sometimes the cover catches my eye, sometimes it was done by an artist that I collect.

Jack Davis falls into the latter category. I’ve mentioned my admiration for the great cartoonist before, but of course you know him from Mad Magazine. Can you even imagine Mad without Davis?  So yeah, when I see a Davis album cover I snatch it up.

Because this is the sleeve of a Don Imus record, absolutely nobody cares. That’s good for you — you can start your own Jack Davis sleeve collection for a buck or two. Happy hunting.

Imus Hamburgers back

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