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From The Stacks: Diane Foster – ‘All My Life’

Diane Foster All My Life
Have you missed the Bad Album Cover Hall of Fame? Well good news: We have a new inductee.

I know nothing about Diane Foster and her swingin’ saxophone and organ, other than she appears 13 times on this album cover along with a Yamaha EX-2 synthesizer. The EX-2 was introduced in ’77 and retailed for $25,208. Those aren’t adjusted dollars — that’s the actual 1977 price.

I can’t find a date anywhere on this treasure, but judging by the hair, dress, EX-2 and multi-exposure layout, this has to date between¬† ’77 and ’81 or so. It appears to be a self-published collection of gospel tracks arranged for sax and organ, so there you have it.

I think Mrs. Foster might still be around. Sacramento’s Metro Swing Band lists a Diane Foster on alto sax, our Diane Foster’s axe of choice, so it’s possible.¬† I hope she is — I love the idea of someone finding joy in making music for a lifetime.

So if you stumble upon this, Mrs. Foster, good on you for doing what you love. You have my respect and admiration. But Sweet Christmas, that’s an awful album cover.

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