April’s Picks: September 2015

april picksI know three things with absolute certainty:

  1. Miniature Reese’s cups are the best because they have the ideal ratio of chocolate to peanut butter.
  2. Any food delivery system involving a “sneeze guard” should be avoided.
  3. If you want kickasss new music, just follow April.

Here’s another great playlist from the bereted one:

Shiny Gun,” Fraser A. Gorman (Slow Gum). “But it’s getting dark and there ain’t no better way to turn a match into a spark, light the whole on fire.” An unassuming gem from the 23 year old Aussie, this track offers a hummable, folksy vibe. A healthy dose of soulful backing vocals add a sweet shine.



Shake & Tremble,” Django Django (Born Under Saturn). “Walking back to the ocean, just enough to say a word. Feel a wave in motion, shake and tremble.” Django Django’s sound is heavily rooted the Sixties surf sound. Tight overall musicianship lend texture and edge to this up tempo number.

Never Gonna See Me Cry,” Good Old War (Broken Into Better Shape). “The heart is just another pop song playing and you can’t even tell what the hell they’re saying.” Brilliantly crafted, with superb harmonies, this tune is perfect send up for the end of summer.

My Type,” Saint Motel (My Type-EP). “I’m a man who’s got very specific taste.” Okay, I admit I’m bit late getting to this party. This song was a huge hit in the UK last summer (as in 2014) but for some reason it totally flew under my radar. The tune comes at you with its sparkling brass parts front and center with A/J Jackson’s seductively delivered lyrics, I had to include it. Better late than never, right?

Blood Stop and Run,” Kill It Kid (You Owe Nothing). “I had a heart to love you-you don’t. I had heart to care-you don’t. Well you have a need to need me, it’s true. Make your blood stop and run with me.” Heavy hitting and delivered with Stephanie Ward’s commanding lead vocals. The sludgy guitar and blistering drum track will take you by the ear and hold you captive for three short minutes.

Waster,” WIN WIN (Primaries). “Everybody wants you when your cup is full.” Dreamy and quirky, this song slides seamlessly into an anthemic lo-fi jam. Throw in some unexpected time changes and gratuitous handclaps and you’ve got yourself a party.

Shadow Tears,” Donald Cumming (Out Calls Only). “You may think I won’t forget you. Don’t be confused by what you see.” A beautifully textured track showcasing the former Virgins singer’s range (and undeniable semblance to Mark Knopfler). The listener will be treated to expressive, eloquent guitar and subtly sweet trumpet accompaniment.

Claudette,” Algiers (Algiers). “I wanted to forgive you and forget, but now I’m haunted by what replaces you instead.” Is space gospel a genre? For this band, it should be. Unpredictable instrumentation paired with powerfully delivered, soulful vocals give this tune near bottomless depth.

Your Love’s Whore,” Wolf Alice (My Love Is Cool). “And when we grow older we’ll still be friends, we’ll still be lovers and we won’t fear the end.” Hailing from North London, this four piece brings the goods. Wolf Alice gives a nod musically to the grunge scene of the Nineties while forging their own distinct sound.

Your Face Before My Eyes,” Saun + Starr (Look Closer). “But you, you come to me like the weather.” Saundra Williams and Starr Duncan Lowe are the vocal force that is Saun + Starr. These childhood friends (and sometimes rivals) serve up real deal. Their soulful record shares a label with the great Sharon Jones and after a listen it is easy to see why.

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