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Choose and Defend: The Only Concept Album We’ll Ever Hear

Mr RobotoHere’s the scenario: It’s 2017, and that awful person you hate won the election. Just as you warned, he or she and his/her jackbooted thugs are imposing their horrible agenda upon the masses.

Their first order of business is to eradicate all music with the exception of one album, but here’s the catch: Our new president only likes concept albums from the 1980-’83 era.

For some reason you are selected for the committee that will choose the only album that Americans will be allowed to listen to, at least until 2020 when the next awful person that you hate wins the election.

As a committee member, you must choose between Styx’s “Kilroy Was Here,” Queen’s “Flash Gordon” soundtrack, and KISS’s “Music From The Elder.”

The sanity of the nation depends upon you. Which album do you choose, and why?

Answers must fit inside of Dennis DeYoung’s wig, and come on people: Let’s make Laura B. proud.

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  1. Definitely Music From the Elder. I was never a Styx fan and I’ve always hated Mr Roboto. The Queen album has a couple of nice bits of incidental music from the movie, but after a while you get tired of hearing FLASH! AAAAHHH AAAAAAAHHHH WHO’LL SAVE THE UNIVERSE.
    Kiss’s songs on “Elder” were a nice departure from the sound of their previous albums and there’s a variety of styles in the album. I just flinch in embarrassment when I hear the song “I”. I shut the i-pod off after Escape from the Island.


  2. Going with KISS. It’s not because I like them better than Queen and Styx, which I do, but because Elder is the better concept album. Flash Gordon is just too silly to consider. Mr. Roboto’s ‘Oh, no. They’ve outlawed rock music’ plot is also silly…and boring. Elder has the better plot and the songs are more listenable.

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  3. Kiss wins by default for me.

    Flash Gordon was my first disappointment from Queen. It was the first time I listened to an album and was keenly aware that I wished I could go back in time and save my money.

    Killroy Was Here was thankfully played for me by a friend so I avoided wasting money on it. My only regret there is having to hear it on the radio. You can only scrub your ears so hard.

    Again… Kiss wins hands down.


  4. I missed this one because I was off-line for a week. I am going for none of the above, my new gig in these troubled times will be album smuggling a la Prohibition days. Give bootlegging a whole new musical meaning. You can find me at an underground speakeasy……somewhere. Password: No Kiss.


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