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Aftershock 2015: P.O.D.


Here’s a tip for the budding rock star in your life: If you want to look good in the shot, consider your hat.

Many artists would probably be surprised to learn that photographers think that bands intentionally make it hard on them. Sometimes that’s true. I’ve been told that I can only shoot the left side of a singer, that I have to stay on the corner of the stage and behind the monitors, that the musician gets approval of all shots, on and on. Now and then I’ll run into an artist who keeps the stage lights virtually off until the photographers’ time is over, and then it’s Disneyland Electric Parade time.

But those scenarios are very rare. The more common scenario is likely that musicians don’t even think about their photos, and why should they? The band is there to rock 25,000 screaming fans, not pose for a bunch of rubadubs crowding the lip of the stage.

I get that, and I say go do your thing, but if you’re young and hungry and you want to get your snarling mug on the front page of major websites and in the concert coverage sections of the music magazines, consider your image. A billed hat on a bright day is going to cast a shadow on your pretty face that will ruin your pictures.  It’s a cool hat, and I know it’s bright out there, but if striking photos are part of your equation it’s something to keep in mind.

Or don’t. After all, it’s all about the fans, not the photographers, and that’s how it should be.

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