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Aftershock 2015: RavenEye


RavenEye was one of Aftershock 2015’s great surprises.

They opened the festival on the Coor’s Light stage, which was the smallest of the show’s four stages, but man, what a great set. These guys tap into an earlier epoch, when rock was blues-based — not the ’60s, when the British bands first discovered the blues, but rather the ’70s, when the influence was there but the “I can’t quit you baby” angst was overshadowed by the boogie. Foghat comes to mind, but really there wasn’t any popular rock band in the ’70s whose roots couldn’t be traced back to the blues.

We lost that heritage with krautrock and hardcore punk, and by metalcore and nu metal rock music was indistinguishable from its early roots. I’m not saying those genres are bad — if you like them, cool — just that they come from a non-blues lineage.

So yeah: RavenEye has that DNA, but they’re not a revival act by any stretch of the imagination. They definitely have their own thing going on, but one can see Humble Pie in their family tree rather than Klaus Nomi, just to pull a name out of my hat. I like Klaus Nomi, but I’m not going to put him on when I want to boogie, know what I mean?

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