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From the Stacks: The Beatles – ‘Not For Sale’

Beatles Not For Sale frontCollecting Beatles bootlegs (Beatlegs) is kind of silly at this point.

After all, the intergooglewebtubes are one big bootleg now; well, at least the parts that aren’t porn and cat videos. It’s very rare that I find anything on a physical bootleg that hasn’t already been posted somewhere. But collecting is all about the fetish object, the artifact, and a lifetime of playing the caretaker to things is a hard habit to break.

Beatles Not For Sale collects oddball recordings fromĀ  ’62-’70 — radio show outtakes, working tracks, that kind of junk. “Bad To Me” is probably the best rarity of the bunch:

You can pick up Beatles Not For Sale in several versions, all of which run about 20-25 bucks. Blue, red, green, and black versions exist, as do the original dating to ’85 and German reprints from 2010. Happy hunting.

Beatles Not For Sale vinyl

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