choose and defend

Choose and Defend: Home for the Hostagedays

The unthinkable has happened: You’ve suddenly been made aware that the rules apply to you. No fair!

Obviously the only thing to do is seize a landmark of some sort and refuse to come out until the rules are changed in your favor. The question is this: What landmark and why? Sure, you could take over an office building, but unless you remember to pack snacks you’re out of luck once the vending machines are empty. Want to take the city aquatic center? Hope you brought a change of socks.

For our little game, you aren’t limited to government sites.  No, you’re allowed to throw your little hissy fit wherever you want. All you have to do to play is pick a location for your siege and defend your choice in the comments section below. Me, I’m setting up shop inside a roadside dinosaur. Why? Because dinosaur.

Answers must fit in a resealable snack container, and come on, people: Let’s make Laura B. proud.

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  1. I like Robbo’ choice, very sensible – especially if it stopped the WalMart family from making a billion dollars the minute they step out of the shower. However, I need nature, I need to see trees and birds and whatnot. I am going with the Apple Headquarters in Cupertino. My defense? Google it.


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