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Choose and Defend: To Meet or Not To Meet

Nan Palmero, Flickr Creative Commons

Nan Palmero, Flickr Creative Commons

We all have our idols, even after we’re well past an age where such fawning is appropriate.

Granted, at our ages we don’t refer to them as idols, but rather “people we admire” or some such. Some are childhood heroes, others may be politicians, religious figures, or celebrities. Maybe we’re talking about an author whose work we greatly admire. Regardless of whether we’re talking the Dalai Lama or Dolly Parton, there’s somebody on your pedestal.

So here’s the question: If the opportunity to meet that person came along, would you take it? Why or why not? Leave your answer in the comments below, and come on, people: Let’s make Laura B. proud.

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  1. Bob Ross. Not because he was a skilled brushman but I think he was probably the epitome of the gentle person we all secretly wish we could be. Just wish he could have been with us longer to have given more people the ability to make “happy accidents”. Thank God for PBS.


  2. I would love to meet Jimmy Carter so I could tell him how much I appreciate the immense contributions he has made to the world. He is without a doubt our greatest ex-president and a much better president than he’s given credit for.


  3. There are many I admire. And since I admire them, yes, I would take the opportunity to meet them. Of course, meeting them could change the way I feel about them. Perhaps they might be total jerks or self-centered snobs. That would be a letdown, but at least enlightening. On the other hand, they could turn out to be more sincere and pleasant than I would expect. Either outcome would be worth meeting them.

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  4. I am late to the party again and…..I am on the fence. Some I would like to meet – Jimmy Carter is a perfect example, but – – most I would not. If they are dickheads in “real life” I just would not feel the same about them. (I know this because it has happened more than once) I’d rather just enjoy what they are bringing to life for the average Joe aka me to enjoy.


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