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From the Stacks: Foghat – ‘Boogie Motel’

Foghat Boogie Motel front
Foghat was one of the great boogie rock bands of the ’70s, if not the great boogie rock band.

Their classic lineup of bassist Craig MacGregor, guitarist Rod Price, front man Lonesome Dave Peverett, and the great Roger Earl on drums made some essential albums during that decade, and Boogie Motel was the last of them, released on September 21, 1979. “Third Time Lucky” remains in classic rock rotation nearly 40 years later, but the whole album is worth your time. The fun isn’t just on the inside, either: Illustrator Jim Baikie’s cover art is like a scene out of a Ralph Bakshi movie.

Two things make this particular copy of Boogie Motel special: 1) It’s still sealed; 2) Check out that Tower Records price sticker. Pretty cool, eh?

Foghat still sounds as great as they ever have. The rhythm section of Earl and MacGregor have a pocket so deep you’d lose your keys in it, and Bryan Bassett is a killer slide guitarist. Up front Charlie Huhn’s voice still sounds as great as it did back when he was singing for the Nuge. They’re still out on the road, and they’re still recording, too. They have some tasty swag for donors to their Pledgemusic campaign for their new album, Under the Influence. Unfortunately, they aren’t offering a sealed copy of Boogie Motel with a Tower price tag and I’m not selling mine, so you’re out of luck on that one. Sorry, suckers.


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