Deep Cuts

Deep Cuts: Court Songs

here comes the judgeYou aren’t here for a civics lesson, but you’re going to get one anyway: Take your jury duty seriously.

Put yourself in the position of someone wrongly accused of a crime. Can you imagine your fate being decided by 12 people who felt like the whole thing was a huge inconvenience to them? Would you really want to spend three years in prison because some cowboy just wanted to convict someone, or because the jury rushed to judgement so they wouldn’t have to “waste” another day deliberating?  In my estimation, jury service is a more important civic duty than even voting.

Don’t mess around. Don’t get out of it. Go do your duty. Anyway, law songs:

“Not Guilty,” The Beatles.


“Lawyers, Guns, and Money,” Warren Zevon.


“Here Comes the Judge,” Shorty Long.


“The Trial,” Pink Floyd.


“I Confess,” English Beat.


“Hangman Jury,” Aerosmith.


“Have Mercy Judge,” Chuck Berry.


“The Mercy Seat,” Johnny Cash.


There you have it — a full trial, conviction, and execution in song form. Have some court songs to add? I’m listening.

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  1. “When You’re Hot, You’re Hot” – Jerry Reed
    “Sue Me, Sue You Blues” – George Harrison
    “This Song” – George Harrison
    “Guilty” – Alice Cooper
    “Hurricane” – Bob Dylan


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