From the Stacks

From The Stacks: The Penetrators – ‘A Sweet Kiss From Mommy’

Penetrators A Sweet Kiss From Mommy front

Once upon a time there was a brilliant band named The Beat Farmers, whose drummer, Country Dick Montana, would step to the mic for classics like “Happy Boy.” But every bible has its begats, and the West Coast Punk/New Wave bible is no different.

Before The Beat Farmers there was San Diego’s Penetrators, featuring Dan McClain on drums. The band was big on the local scene — opening for the Ramones big, punk rock riots big. They played a Nuggets-flavored brand of post-punk, complete with saxophone, organ, and reverb soaked guitars. This is good time music, free of hardcore rage.

The Penetrators only managed one album before splitting in ’84, with McClain reinventing himself as Country Dick Montana and forming the more nationally popular Beat Farmers. Unfortunately, Dan/Dick suffered a fatal heart attack during a 1995 Beat Farmers show.

A Sweet Kiss From Mommy will set you back around 25 bucks if you can find a copy. Happy hunting.


Penetrators A Sweet Kiss From Mommy back

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