April’s Picks: March 2016

april picks

I know I say this every month, but April really brought the goods this time. Even if the only song she included on this month’s playlist was the Sturgill Simpson cut this would be worth your time, but the great bereted one added another eight tasty tracks. Well done, April!


The Good News,” Bloc Party (Hymns). “Now I can spin a lie that burns me up all through the night.” Bloc Party is back with a plodding confessional. Kele Okereke’s lilting vocals and the slight twang of country and gospel give the song texture.

I Ain’t Fallin’ Again,” Supersonic Blues Machine (West of Flushing, South of Frisca). “I’m gonna try and pay attention, I’m gonna move to a higher ground.” Straight-ahead rock and roll, this track brings elements of blues (as any good rock song will) and some fine backing vocals. A solid cut from one of the best rock releases this year (check the guest list).

Freaky Feedback Blues,” Benji Hughes (Songs In The Key Of Animals). “Gonna be a thunderstorm. She can feel it hours before. She sits down with a drink at the piano…” Hailing from Charlotte, NC, Mr. Hughes offers up this sweet gem of a tune. Lighthearted feel with a warm, inviting pace this is a great tune up for summer.

Part One-Hey, No Pressure,” Ray LaMontagne (Ourboros). “This life is full of give and take, be careful the choices you make.” Ray bestows us with a dreamy, laidback groove. Delivered in his distinctive throaty whisper, one can hear shades of Pink Floyd ripened in the guitar leads.

Loveless Rolling Stone,” Aubrie Sellers (New City Blues). “And they say home is where the heart is and if that’s so, I must be a loveless rolling stone.” Ms. Sellers debut album is classified as country, but it’s clear the girl has got rock bona fides. The daughter of Lee Ann Womack, her pure, strong vocals give ground to this sad, yet hopeful track.

Disappointed,” Field Music (Commontime). “But if you want me to be right every time, you’re gonna be disappointed.” Lush and dreamy, Field Music intertwine the sensibilities of Steely Dan and Hall and Oates. The song segues into an upbeat sound laden with nostalgia.

Sugar Daddy (Theme from ‘Vinyl’),” Sturgill Simpson (Vinyl Soundtrack). “Selling all the jewels out of my crown…” It was evident from Sturgill’s previous album (Metamodern Sounds in Country Music) that while he can spin a pure country yarn, the man’s got a surly rock album or two tucked away. If this formidable track is any indication, it will be blistering.

Alive,” Steve Mason (Meet The Humans). “Just push ‘em out’cha life. But don’t even think twice, because they double-crossed us, baby. They made you fat and lazy.” Upbeat and accessible, Mason has crafted a tune that goes down easily yet contains lyrical barbs.

Pretty Peggy,” Wolfmother (Victorious). “Say I am but a foolish man. Can I be your fool and take your hand?” An unexpected musical step by the Australian rockers, the boys still pull off the ballad with aplomb. The track retains integrity though its lyrics youthful. I appreciate the approach.

Sooth Lady Wine,” Matt Corby (Telluric). “Don’t sit out tonight if you feel alright.” Expansive and groovy, Corby gives the listener this heady cut. The loose vibe colored with an ethereal r & b brush remains cohesive under the dialect of Corby’s rangy vocals.

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