Deep Cuts

Deep Cuts: Bathroom Songs

mamas and papas
Bathrooms: Everybody needs ’em, what’s the big deal?

I read once that public restrooms were instrumental in liberating French women. With somewhere to go when they were out and about, women were no longer confined to the home. Plumbing as an agent of change — that’s pretty cool.

Of course, not all WC’s serve such lofty social agendas. Some are used for illicit trysts, others for self reflection. Occasionally they’re even used for pooping, though rarely in music.  Well, maybe German music.

Anyway, bathroom songs:


“Mirror in the Bathroom,” English Beat.

“She Came In Through the Bathroom Window,” Joe Cocker. Yeah, it’s a Beatles song, but Joe’s version is badass.

“Flushed From the Bathroom of Your Heart,” Johnny Cash.

“Meet Me in the Bathroom,” The Strokes.

“Ladies Room,” KISS.

“Elizabeth on the Bathroom Floor,” Eels.

“Bathroom Wall,” Faster Pussycat.

“Smokin’ in the Boys Room,” Brownsville Station.

“Toilet Tisha,” Outkast.

Well, I’m drained. Do you have any songs du toilette to add? I’m listening.


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