Deep Cuts

Deep Cuts: Apple Songs

 CarlosMendozaPhoto, Flickr Creative Commons

CarlosMendozaPhoto, Flickr Creative Commons

Google “apple.” If your results look like mine, you won’t see a reference to produce until page 5. The first 4 1/2 pages are all Apple, not apples.

That’s pretty amazing given the ubiquity of the fruit. We’re talking Adam and Eve here, or at least the Beatles record label. The expression is “American as apple pie,” after all, not “American as iPie” — “Apple of my eye,” not “Apple of my iEye.”

While iTunes might be the biggest music retailer in the world, there are plenty of songs out there about apples, not Apple. Most of them are metaphorical apples — temptations, spoilers, those kinds of things. Here’s a few from my stacks:

“Adam’s Apple,” Aerosmith.

“Rotten Apple,” Alice in Chains.

“Applecart,” Big Audio Dynamite.

“Come Bite the Apple,” Mother Love Bone.

“Big Apple,” Urban Dance Squad.

“New York Apple Jack,” Scott Davis and The Movements.

“Apple of Your Eye,” Peter Frampton.

“One Bad Apple,” The Osmonds. You’ve eaten your apple. Time to enjoy some bubblegum.

There you go — eight tasty apples. Did I forget to pick some? I’m listening.


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  1. “Apple Scruffs” – George Harrison
    “Apples and Oranges” – Pink Floyd
    “Applejack”- Dolly Parton
    “Silver Apples of the Moon” – Grateful Dead
    “Apple of My Eye” – Four Seasons


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