From the Stacks

From the Stacks: Frank Zappa – ‘Just Another Band From L.A.’

Zappa Band LA 1

I’m always on the hunt for a record I don’t have.

When it comes to the Beatles, Bowie, The Who, Jane’s Addiction, and Zappa finding something new to add to the stacks is pretty rare. I still look, though. On every visit to my local record stores I trace the same pattern through the bins, thumbing through the records and CDs with a quick “got it got it got it” before sighing and going home empty handed, so on this particular trip I was surprised to see a Zappa CD that didn’t look familiar.

Yet it did. This was Just Another Band From L.A., but it didn’t look quite right. I couldn’t put my finger on it, so I shelled out a couple of bucks and brought it home. Side by side with the Rykodisc edition, the similarities and differences were obvious. What the heck was this version?

Well, long story short the one on the right above is a Russian bootleg. As bootlegs go, it’s not terribly exciting — no alternate tracks, demos, or live recordings, but it’s still cool — especially for the guy who has everything Zappa.

Want your own copy? Expect to pay 5-10 bucks. Happy hunting.

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