From the Stacks

From the Stacks: Wilco – ‘The Performing Arts’

Wilco Performing Arts front

This isn’t a bad bootleg. I mean, it’s Wilco in 2004–what’s not to love?This one was obviously recorded directly from the board, the sound so clear that I’m a little surprised it never got an official release. We’re talking 23 tracks of Tweedy goodness.

The downside to this one is that it’s a boot from the internet age. You can go to any number of sites and download this show, which is great for listening but it really takes all of the fun out of collecting. My CD copy is just a cruddy ripped disc with a couple of photos glued to the sleeve. I never thought there would be a day when I was nostalgic for “authentic bootlegs.”

Value on this one is no more than a buck or two because, again, you can go rip your own copy and glue photos to the CD sleeve. But the music? That’s priceless, and in the end that’s all that matters. Happy hunting.

Wilco Performing Arts back

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