Deep Cuts

Deep Cuts: Boxer Songs

The Greatest is gone, and with him the last great era in boxing history. Don’t misunderstand: There will be fighters as long as someone is willing to pay to watch, and even without the cash plenty of people are itching for a dust up. That’s different, though. What’s gone is the era when the most recognizable face and name on the planet belong to the heavyweight champ. Given the toll the sport takes on its participants it’s probably for the best that boxing’s popularity is waning, but I miss the sweet science.

Anyway, boxing songs:

“The Boxer,” Simon and Garfunkel.

“The Boxing Mirror,” Alejandro Escovedo.

“Bus Stop Boxer,” Eels.

“Jimmy Sharman’s Boxers,” Midnight Oil.

“Shadowboxer,” Fiona Apple.

“TKO (Boxing Day),” Elvis Costello.

“Theme From Jack Johnson,” Miles Davis.

“Hurricane,” Bob Dylan.

So there’s a few from my stacks. Whaddya got? I’m listening.


“Black Superman,” Johnny Wakelin.

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