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From The Stacks: Guns N’ Roses — ‘Live From the Jungle’

Guns N' Roses Live From the Jungle front
Guns N’ Roses released one essential album and you already have it so you’re done, right? Not so fast.

The official Gunners discography is well known. From Live ?!*@ Like a Suicide through Chinese Democracy the band’s seven releases are easy to name for even casual fans: Appetite For DestructionG N’ R Lies, Use Your Illusion I&II, and The Spaghetti Incident? round out the official list.

But there’s one more, and that’s what we’re talking about today. This Japan-only EP was an official release back in ’88, and though it bears no title it’s often referred to as Live From the Jungle. The EP sports the original Appetite cover art, and also the studio version of “Sweet Child O’ Mine.” The version of “Move to the City” here is exactly the same as the one on Live Like a Suicide and G N’ R Lies.

The remaining four tracks were available as B-sides, so technically there’s nothing on Live From the Jungle that you can’t find elsewhere, but that’s not the point. If you really want to complete that G N’ R collection, you can’t do it without this one. Expect to pay about 30 bucks, but online sellers will try to gouge you for somewhere in the 75-100 dollar range. Happy hunting.

Guns N' Roses Live From the Jungle back

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