April’s Picks: June 2016

april picks

How about that April? This month she’s got picks for you ranging from the obscure to old favorites from whom you may not have heard in a while. It’s a great list, as all of April’s playlists are, so I’ll get out of the way and let her get to it:

Tide,” Seratones (Get Gone). “Ain’t no need to plunder, just seek and you shall find.” Expansive and pastoral, this track attempts to harness AJ Haynes’ velvet-coated voice. She plays by the rules for the most part but unleashes those pipes in the arching chorus. Think Alabama Shakes with a side of bayou flavor.

Full Of It,” Summer Cannibals (Full Of It). “…another liar, another unreachable itch.” Another group with rock solid female leads. Jessica Boudreaux is on lead vocals and Jenny Logan on backing vox and righteous bass licks. This cut is a straight ahead rocker that calls bullshit on the fakers.

Polly,” Whitney (Light From the Lake). “If only we were young…” Polly begins with melodious vocal arrangement accompanied by a sweetly pared down keyboard part before swelling to full circle. The percussion and brass round out this love note.

Defector,” Black Mountain (IV). “Start your wars, but don’t march blind.” Lush, atmospheric vocals, keys, and guitars color this slow burning track. Multi-faceted and well produced, Black Mountain jabs the needle deeply into Seventies rock.

So Bad,” Alexander Jean (Head High). “I’ve been reckless in my own mind.” A soft, yet insistent acoustic riff lulls you into BC Jean’s fluid vocals. The tune progresses as the duo trade verse and harmonize seamlessly. The result is a beautifully layered pop song with heart.

Heartstrings,” Frost (Falling Satellites). “Round and round in circles-running out of air. Go in endless circles-burn all the bridges, if you dare.” This up-tempo, sonic fest busts the door down at go. There is no wading into the track as the group balances a decidedly electronic vibe with thoughtful lyrics and fine production.

Faces Of My Friends,” Ben Watt (Fever Dream). “What did I mean to you?” A sultry summer jam that brings to mind Steely Dan’s ‘Do It Again’. Mr. Watt delivers an intricate, yet simple sounding tune.

Stop The Messin’,” Dan Patlansky (Introvertigo). “Teach a lesson, and don’t be shy.” A blues rock masterpiece delivered with aplomb by Patlansky and his tight band. A spirited track, file between Jonny Lang and Joe Satriani.

They Don’t Own Me,” Richard Ashcroft (These People). “Is it really that strange to try and find some piece?” Former Verve vocalist gives us a defiant, yet eloquent song. Ashcroft’s voice is unmistakable and the musical arrangement will be familiar to fans of his former band.

Hum For Your Buzz,” The Kills (Ash and Ice). “I am a believer that ain’t thinkin’ straight, and I ain’t gonna wait for the sun to set.” A sparse, bluesy offering from the enigmatic duo of Alison Mosshart and Jaime Hince. The Hammond B3 is a nice touch, but Mosshart’s vocals are the show.

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