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From The Stacks: The Johnny Otis Show – ‘Cuttin’ Up’


Johnny Otis Cuttin Up front

Johnny Otis–bandleader, father of Shuggie, inspiration for Zappa’s facial hair. I love Johnny Otis, and 1970’s Cuttin’ Up is one of my favorites. If you can’t get behind tracks like “Mo-Jo Womand,” you’re broken inside:

But we’re not actually here today for the music, but rather that brilliant album cover. The great Jack Davis passed away last week, though his memorable style never will. I think I’ve mentioned before that you might not know Jack Davis by name, but you know his work. What a shame he’s gone.

Want your own copy of Cuttin’ Up? Prior to Davis’s death, this was a 5-10 dollar record all day. My guess is that we’ll see a brief 10-25 dollar spike in the price until the next name pops up in the news cycle, and then it will settle back down to its original value. Happy hunting.

Johnny Otis Cuttin Up back

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