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From the Stacks: ‘Sue Brown featuring Hold My Hand’

Sue Brown front
I don’t have many regrets in life, but I certainly wish I had a better copy of this album cover.

Sue Brown featuring Hold On To My Hand has everything: The patriotic dress, the Three’s Company font, the wagon wheel. (You may not know this, but during the ’70s it was illegal in 27 states to take a portrait photo that didn’t contain a wagon wheel, split rail fence, globe, or library shelf.)

But the star of this album cover is Sue Brown’s hair. That ‘do is stacked higher than an Arby’s Roast Beef Max. That Jiffy Pop stayed on the stove five minutes too long. Sue Brown is clearly smuggling a beach ball into a Buck Owens concert. That’s not a bouffant–that’s a bou-256-point-font.

As for Sue Brown, I can’t  find much info about her. I believe she was a Northern California resident who sang a little gospel along with some country and western, but that’s about it. Judging by the big hair and the resemblance, I’m guessing that the clip below is Ms. Brown 15-20 years after Hold On To My Hand, and if so she had a lovely voice. If any family stumble upon this, please link me to more music. Your mama/grandma/great grandma had some real talent.

But that album cover, whew. Please welcome Sue Brown featuring Hold On To My Hand to the Bad Album Cover Hall of Fame.


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  1. By the way, Sue Brown just turned 89 years old. She still has a wonderful voice and has been singing gospel music since 1964 when she gave her life and talent to Jesus Christ.

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