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From The Stacks: Prince – ‘He’s Got the Look’

Prince He's Got The Look
Prince’s after-show jams were legendary. Going to a Prince show was cool, but going to the secret, unannounced, all night after party? That’s the kind of stuff that anecdotes are made of.

I was never so lucky. There were a couple of times that I thought I had a good lead, but they never panned out. Fortunately, some of those secret gigs have been captured on bootlegs, and while the sound is rarely very good (all of the ones I’ve stumbled across are audience recordings) I never pass them up.

He’s Got the Look captures Prince in Paris on the Sign o’ the Times tour, but “Housequake” is the only album track you’ll get here. On the other hand, you get great covers of “Just My Imagination,” “Sex Machine,” and “Red House,” and that’s what those after-show jams were all about.

But why we’re really here is that fugly album cover. Whoo! What the hell? That one is a welcome addition to the Bad Album Cover Hall of Fame.

I’d recommend holding off if you want your own copy of He’s Got the Look. Prince values are still inflated as a result of his death, so people are trying to get around 50 bucks for this beast right now. If you wait a little bit, my guess is that it will drop back down to half that eventually. Happy hunting.

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