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From The Stacks: Joe Jackson–‘Look Sharp!’ (2×10)

Joe Jackson Look Sharp Front

Joe Jackson’s Look Sharp remains one of the all-time great debut albums.

The album cracked the U.S. top 20 on the back of lead single “Is She Really Going Out With Him,” actually performing better here than in Jackson’s native U.K. where the album stalled at number 40. There’s not a bad track on Look Sharp! but if for some strange reason I could only have one of the album’s songs in my stacks, I’d pick the post-punk classic “Got the Time:”

If you really want to be one of the cool kids, though, it’s not enough just to have Look Sharp! on your playlist. It’s not even enough to own it on vinyl. No, if you really want to be one of the cool kids you need to track down the special edition that A&M released on two 10-inch platters. The track sequence is the same, the sound quality is the same, but with the “Look Sharp” lapel pin embedded in the front cover it’s just too damned cool to pass up.

You can get your own 10″ copy of Look Sharp! for 10-15 bucks, double that (at least) for a sealed copy. Happy hunting.

Joe Jackson Look Sharp Gatefold


Joe Jackson Look Sharp Back

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