Deep Cuts

Deep Cuts: Songs About Rust

Rob de Vries, Flickr Creative Commons

Rob de Vries, Flickr Creative Commons

Rust is a great if a little hackneyed metaphor, so I’m surprised that I have so few “rust” songs in my stacks.

Rust is the great symbol of industrial decay, after all. When we’re long gone our bricks and stones will remain, but in a relatively short amount of time all iron traces of man’s existence will flake away. I guess future civilizations will still know us by our Twinkies.

Anyway, rust songs:

Rusty Cage,” Johnny Cash.

Diamonds and Rust,” Judas Priest.

“Rusty Casino’s Casino Rustique,” Flipron.

“Over Rusty Water,” XTC.

“Flowers and Rust,” Von Hertzen Brothers.


“Rusted Pipe,” Suzanne Vega.


“Rust,” Echo & the Bunnymen.

“Rust In Peace….Polaris,” Megadeth.

That’s all I have in the way of rust songs, but since it never sleeps you probably have a few to add. I’m listening.

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