Deep Cuts

Deep Cuts: Dream Songs

Sean Stein, Flickr Creative Commons

Sean Stein, Flickr Creative Commons

Dreams are perhaps second only to love as lyrics topics. Much of that has to do with the multiple meanings of “dream.” There’s those nocturnal movies we watch where Mom is a lizard, then there’s those ambitions that we have for the future.  Often in popular music dreams and love are all mixed up together, so there’s really no shortage of dream songs.

For my money the true master of conveying the feelings of dreams is not a musician but rather a filmmaker. Nobody does dream logic like David Lynch, but I’m really off topic here. Anyway, dream songs:


The Dream Is Always the Same,” Tangerine Dream.

Dream Beach,” Michael Hedges.

Dream Brother,” Jeff Buckley.

I Had Too Much To Dream,” The Electric Prunes.

Neon Meate Dream Of A Octofish,” Captain Beefheart.

You Know You’re Only Dreaming,” Hawkwind.

Sex Sleep Eat Drink Dream,” King Crimson.

The Black Dog Runs At Night,” Angelo Badalamenti.

There you have it: Eight songs about or invoking dreams. What did I miss? Whenever you want to all you have to do is tell me. I’m listening.

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