April’s Picks: October 2016

april picks

Politics, shmolitics, let’s get to the music. After a brief break, wherein she tried to negotiate a Kajagoogoo reunion she pitched as “Kajagoogootwotwo,” April is back with the best new music you’ll hear all week. Ready Teddy? Let’s do this:

More Than You Can Imagine,” Brass Bed (In The Yellow Leaf). “I was gazing at the stars and wasting time.” This track pulls you in with a constant lo-fi buzz lurking just beneath the aural surface by serving up some guitar warmth out of the gate.  Eventually, the song blurs inward and while that may come off as a detriment, Brass Bed pulls it off.

Amerika,” Young the Giant (Home of the Strange). “Are you mad because I don’t know what you used me for?” Another slow burner anchored by a prominent bass line. The song showcases Sameer Gadhia’s sinewy vocal chops.

Heartache,” Relient K (Air For Free). “And then on down the road comes another mistake.” Straight-forward power pop, this tune would be right at home on college radio circa 1995. I’m not sure whether that’s good or bad, all I know is I dig it.


Lost On You,” LP (Death Valley). “Let’s raise a glass or two to all the things I’ve lost on you.” Skulking and reflective, this song reverberates with a hint of spaghetti western. LP (Laura Pergolizzi) has quite the unique voice that melds delicate and bold.

Flow With It (You Got Me Feeling Like) St. Paul and the Broken Bones (Sea of Noise). A funky and soulful offering from the six piece Alabama outfit. The definitive bass keeps this groove deep in the pocket, while the airy brass section lends a sweet texture. Paul Janeway’s blue-eyed soul should not be missed.

Really Wanna Call,” Viola Beach (Viola Beach). Kicking off with a cascading guitar riff and falling in rank with an ultimately catchy, upbeat flow. Here you have a glimpse of the “what ifs”. A promising band that fell upon a terrible tragedy when their van wrecked, killing all four members.

Tricky,” Fitz and the Tantrums (Fitz and the Tantrums). “If you’re patient, I’ll be worth your time.” Fitz and the gang are back with another sonically pleasing album. Richly produced top to bottom, this is a particularly catchy number.

“Forever As The Moon,” Chris Robinson Brotherhood (Anyway You Love, We Know How You Feel). “As we watch the candle burn there is nothing we have learned.”  The careful ear cannot miss the similarities between the opening keyboard riff of this track and that of The Rolling Stones “Heartbreaker.” Be that as it may, Chris and the boys make it their own with haunting and intricate guitar interplay and rich backing vocals.

Bad Decisions,” Two Door Cinema Club (Gameshow). “I’m addicted to you- I make bad decisions.” Alex Trimble’s falsetto is one of the first things you’ll notice, the next is that your foot is keeping time. A three piece out of Ireland, they give us a wonderful nugget of happiness.

Big Cat,” Wild Beasts (Boy King). “Get back, big cat: having none of that…safe word you can’t retract.” Slippery and odd, this tune moves with stealth that is true to its namesake.

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