Deep Cuts

Deep Cuts: Digging Songs


Kids don’t have many marketable skills. Booger eating is good for laughs, but there’s no real gold in them thar hills.

Anybody can dig, though, so when your kid is looking to make a few bucks throw her a shovel and toss her out the back door. “You need five bucks? I need a hole about this big.”

It doesn’t really matter whether you need a hole. Your kid’s going to have fun digging it, and he’s going to feel like he earned his five bucks. You can always fill the dirt back in. Come on, that’s what backyards are for.

Anyway, digging songs:


“Do You Dig It, Man?” Kashmere Stage Band.

“I Dig Everything,” David Bowie.

“Dig A Pony,” The Beatles.

“Dig,” The Who.

“Digging in the Dirt,” Peter Gabriel.

“Dig Me,” King Crimson.

“Do You Dig It,” Titus Turner.

“Diggin’ My Own Grave,” Tinsley Ellis.


There you have it: eight songs do dig about digging. What did I miss? I’m listening.



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  1. “Dig It” – The Beatles
    “Gravedigger” – Willie Nelson
    “I Dig Rock and Roll Music” – Peter, Paul and Mary
    “Diggin’ Up Bones” – Randy Travis
    “Can You Dig It?” – The Monkees

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  2. Dig it up – Holes
    Dig a tunnel. – Lion King 1 and 1/2
    Dig diggy hole – This one was written by some guy on Minecraft, but it has two different covers done by Yogscast and by Wind Rose


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