Deep Cuts

Deep Cuts: The You Can’t Make Me Playlist


“You can’t make me” might be one of the most childish things you can say. It’s also the theme of this year’s presidential campaign. I get it. Being told to eat your veggies or your cereal is a real downer. We’re a nation built on independence, after all. Individuality is prized here, at least in theory, so this whole “vote this way” hive mind thing can really push some buttons.

But listen: You ain’t Mikey, and this ain’t breakfast cereal. Save the “you can’t make me’s” for things less important than your vote for leader of the free world. Give your decision some serious thought, would ya?

Anyway, “make me” songs:


Make Me,” Heart.

“Don’t Try To Make Me Real,” Pete Townshend.

“If the Kid Can’t Make You Come,” The Time.

“She Makes Me,” Queen.

“She Makes Me Laugh,” The Monkees.

“Don’t Make Me Go,” Johnny Cash.

“Make Me Know It,” Elvis Presley.

“Make Me Feel Again,” Edwyn Collins.

There you have it: eight “make me” songs. What did I miss? I’m listening, even if you can’t make me.

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