Deep Cuts

Deep Cuts: Day After Songs

Kevin McShane, Flickr Creative Commonss

Kevin McShane, Flickr Creative Commons

“The day after” is a powerful image. Back in ’83 a made for television movie by that name turned nuclear holocaust into appointment television, for example, and 30 years later I used the idea of the day after for a little autobiographical sketch, though admittedly I went pretty light on the radiation poisoning.

The most frequent uses of the idiom in art, though, are as demonstrations of loyalty, boredom, change, or regret. Think of the walk of shame, for instance, the classic example of “day after regret,”or the cliche of the restless middle-aged husband, tired of eating meatloaf “day after day.”

Anyway, here are a few “day after” songs from my stacks.

“Day After Day,” Badfinger.

“Day After Day,” Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell.

“I’ll Always Love You (Day After Day),” Dean Martin.

“Day After Tomorrow,” Tom Waits.

“After Today,” David Bowie.

“Consider Me Gone,” Sting.

“Add It Up,” Violent Femmes.

“The Morning After,” Faith No More.


So there you have it: Eight “day after” songs. Your heels are off and your makeup is a mess, but before you sneak out why don’t you tell me what songs I missed? I’m listening.


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