From the Stacks

From The Stacks: ‘Introducing…The Gateway Quartet’


We don’t see many quartets anymore.

Technically we see a lot, as the standard rock lineup of bass, guitar, drums, and vocals is by numerical definition a quartet but. The Beatles weren’t called the Fab Four for nothing, after all. If four don’t make a quartet I don’t know what does.

And neither did the Gateway Quartet, if the front sleeve of Introducing…The Gateway Quartet is any indication. Sure, we could have some with the idea that Chris Christie is pictured second from left or maybe a “Hey, isn’t that John C. Reilly front and center,” but why bother? The five members of The Gateway Quartet make for their own punchline, and it’s a good enough gag to get them into the Bad Album Cover Hall of Fame.

Want your own copy of Introducing…The Gateway Quartet? I doubt you’ll find a copy, but if you do it will either be in a dollar bin in a charity shop or something ridiculous like $20-$30 from a gospel specialist. Happy hunting.


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