April’s Picks: February 2017

april picks

It’s been a little bit since we’ve heard from April, but that just means she had more time to find the good stuff.

And man, did she find the good stuff. April always brings the good music, but I think she outdid herself this time. Do you think so, too? Leave her comment and let her know.


Here’s April:

Digging In,” Big Wreck (Grace Street). “It was so easy to say we’re all getting what we deserve. And now we’ve both been served.” The Canadian-American rock band is back with a shimmery, ‘Houses of the Holy’-tinged tune. Ian Thornley’s recognizable vocals carve an accessible route to the heart of the song for old fans, while the strut of the musicianship will make new ones.

Far Out Feeling,” SUSTO (& I’m Fine Today). “My mom’s on her knees saying prayers for the afterlife while I’m living heaven on Earth.” Laidback and melancholy, this string-laden track is expansive and everything good music should be; beautiful harmonies, a story told, a feeling touched. SUSTO turns out a great piece of work.

Dangerous,” The xx (I See You). “’Cause I couldn’t care less, if they call us reckless.” A sinewy, electronic fueled song built on a simple bass line that provides a frame for the London group’s intertwined vocals. Punchy and visceral, this track commands a stealthy attitude.

Lonely,” Colony House (Only The Lonely). “I done it to myself a hundred times before, turn a man into an island, then I lock the door.” Kicking off with a stark beat and slowly filling out with a menacing, atmospheric guitar riff, this band from Tennessee channel their inner Black Keys. The result is sublime.

They Put A Body In The Bayou,” The Orwells (Terrible Human Beings). “All right, make it quick. Good songs make you rich.” A personal favorite of the playlist, the Elmhurst, IL outfit brings the rock. Great backing vocals complement the band’s late-Sixties effect of this track.

Fickle Game,” Amber Run (For A Moment, I Was Lost).  “I’m old enough to know I’ll end up dying, but not young enough to forget again.” A The song touches a decidedly bleak subject matter, however true and beautifully done. While Joe Keogh’s vocals are distinct, it is the intermittent guitar riffs that are the payoff in this inward-looking song.

Conrad,” SOHN (Rennan). “We’re lost civilians with the weight of millions…” Christopher Michael Taylor, professionally known as SOHN, weaves an R & B suffused backdrop around a hypnotic electro-influenced melody. The final product is that of a musical warning to the fate of humanity without all the preachiness.

Fair,” Louden Swain (No Time Like the Present). “The vows gone astray just for the day. Heart so betrayed, once tried and true.” Loose-legged and sauntering, this group out of LA offers up a fetching little slice of blue-eyed soul. Easy on the ear, this track is actually a down trodden lullaby for the broken hearted.

OB1,” Jagwar Ma (Every Now & Then). “What do you need from me? What should I expect?” Hailing from Australia, this trio has a trippy sound that is challenging to characterize. The track takes chances sonically, blending electronica, tribal-influenced backing vocals, and genuine musicianship. A talented group worth checking out.

Follow The Leader,” Foxygen (Hang). “Follow the leader, and the leader is you.” The latest from this duo from California is a bit of Steely Dan with a dash of Jagger and a generous helping of horns and strings. In short, love in less than five.

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